Welcome to Leica's Tea Zone!

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Leica Weisz

<Pronounced "Lai-Cuh">

Albino Bat, 19, 5'5"
Can't see two feet in front of her face.
Panromantic - Gray ace, sapphic.


Second year student at St. Batthew's Batholic College of the Arts, studying film and animation. She's fairly smart, but so forgetful that people sometimes see her as airheaded.
Largely introverted, she tends to keep mostly to herself when possible but is fairly capable of chatting and being friendly in class.
She has an easy enough time making "friends" but has serious trouble pushing past that first layer with people.
If she doesn't talk to you much, it doesn't mean she doesn't like you, she's just too shy to initiate.
The only (known) person she has any sort of ill will towards is Sybil, the school's resident bitch in chief, mostly because they have differing opinions on tea.


She isn't super vocal to most people about her interests, except for two things: TEA and ANIME.
She loves green tea with a burning passion and is rarely seen without a mug of it, or a bottle of it cold.
This is why she resents the fact that sybil claims to be a big tea-drinker, but only likes over-steeped lipton tea, an absolute crime.

In terms of anime preferences, she'll watch just about anything that isn't too sexualized or too gorey, but any genre goes really.
Her favorites are a tad cliche, being Sailor Moon and NGE.
She has earned the reputation of being a bit of a nerd due to her having good grades and being president of the anime club, population 1 2.

Outside of those two staples she is painfully boring in her tastes, often found browsing buzzfeed or maybe the occaisonal film blog.
Her one "cheat drink" outside of teas is the rooster booster slushie, which has fueled many many nights of studying.




School uniform:
Top: Cream colored knit crewneck sweater, with a white button up undershirt and light red necktie. The sweater is fairly true to fit.
(Note: the back of the sweater has hemmed slits for wings to poke out of.)
Bottom: Black or dark gray mid thigh skirt with pleats, and matching black thigh length stockings, both thick wool.
Shoes: Not part of the uniform, but she wears dark brown suede chelsea boots most days.

Casual wear:
Can be anything, but her favorite outfit is an oversized black cotton sweater with light gray, straight leg linen pants.

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